Well folks, I haven’t been on here in…I don’t know…a very, very, very long time!  I am going to work on that. What has this female photographer been up to in the past year?

The answer is – – A LOT!  Besides being a full-time legal secretary/paralegal for a local law firm, I am (of course) a single mom whose daughter is extremely busy, I am an intern at The Studio of Photographic Arts, and a photographer.

How is the interning going one may ask.  It is amazing.  I am learning so much about how a studio runs.  I am taking a lot of the classes that SOPHA offers, I am photographing more than I was before (and, might I add, my photography is getting a lot better), I have been in two gallery shows so far over the course of this past year – – and, I am going to be in two more!  I am going to be in another one in New York City, and another one here in New Hampshire.  So, it has been a crazy busy time for me.

I also got glasses (eek!) But, I can see so much better, which, naturally, is better for my photography.

I recently started a campaign with Livingsocial, I am hoping that pans out for me.

I am moving to Pelham, New Hampshire in two weeks.

Hmmm…not sure what else is going on…

Ohh, I do have a new shoot planned with a wonderful young model, whom I absolutely adore.  Leah – she is like an older version of my daughter.  It is pretty funny.  She is such a sweet heart.

I am also looking at hopefully getting up to Searles Castle in Windham, New Hampshire sometime this summer to do a shoot there.  That would be fun.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL there!  If you have an opportunity to even just look at the grounds, I highly recommend it!

I think that is it for now.

As always, if you have any need for a photographer – you know where to find one of the most cheerful female photographers around!

I will leave you with a few photos from my recent gallery show, it is of one of my best friends, Jess:








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New Beginnings

Well, it has been quite a while since I have written a blog…or posted a photo, so, I will post a few photos, and, write a bit today.


The first piece of news…I am single – YET again. Ohh well, it is for the best, I am able to focus on more important things (besides my daughter, I always focus on her FIRST and foremost). I am able to focus more on my passion…my photography! 


The second piece of news…I shot Fate Worse Than Death again, this past weekend, it was great! I missed those guys like crazy!


The third piece of news…I am no longer a paying member of the studio that I’ve been a member of for about a year now, rather, the owner has moved me to a staff member, I am the newest intern! Which, is really great, because now, I am able to take all the classes I want to, or need to – for free, and, I am able to spend time at the studio helping out with the stuff that I was already helping out with, lol…so…I guess the only difference really is that I am no longer paying a monthly membership…and, I clean bathrooms.


Now, for a few photos from the show…


ImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage

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September 11, 2013

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted. A lot of new and exciting things have been happening for me. But, first, I need to address what today is.


Today is the 12th anniversary of the worst attack on civilians on American soil. Twelve years ago today, I was sitting in the journalism lab, and thinking it odd that I was not able to get online at all in order to email the printer of our school newspaper, for our order. Suddenly, one of my friends came in (she knew that I would be in the journalism lab) and said, someone flew a plane into the twin towers. I was shocked, to say the least. First, because, I had no idea what the twin towers looked like (I’d never been to New York City, and, I guess prior to this, I’d never really paid much attention to them in movies or television shows), and, second, because I couldn’t imagine someone “accidentally” flying a plane into two gigantic towers in the middle of New York City. Of course, we all found out later, this was no accident. Over 3,000 Americans lost their lives on 9/11/13. It is something that we can never forget. 


I know that since I’ve had my daughter, it is becoming increasingly harder to explain to her what happened. She is seven now, and, is in second grade. She knows that something terrible happened, she knows a lot of people died. She learns this in school, day care, the news, from her friends, family members, and, yes, from me. It is something I struggled with when she was first in public school. How do I talk to her about it? How do I explain to her that bad things happen to good people? After her teacher in kindergarten spoke a little bit with the class, she asked a lot of questions. I find I get a lump in my throat when I talk to her about it. She doesn’t ask too often, mainly when it is this time of year. I find that as the years go by, it doesn’t get any easier. I find I still have the same feelings as I did that very first day, maybe even moreso than I did that first day. That first day, I was in complete shock. As the days drew on, we knew it was a terrorist attack, we knew it was deliberate. And that is when the pain started hitting.


Watching my daughter, and her friends, I am thankful they did not witness that. They have had tragedies since then. They witnessed the Sandy Hook tragedy, they witnessed the Boston Bombing and the aftermath, luckily, they are too young to remember later in life. They are too young to feel the fear that we felt on that day. They are too young to watch, like we watched, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for such a long time. But, I will never forget. I will never let my daughter go a year, without praying for America, for the souls of those lost that day, and for her family, friends, loved ones, and, yes, even enemies. Why? Because, I can hope, that through our children, we will see a decline in these types of tragedies.


With that, I will leave you with a few photos that I took of my best friend’s daughters. The eldest is my daughter’s best friend, these are the reasons we push forward. I have an upcoming sale, between myself and the woman who designed the adorable bows for the twins in this picture. She and I are going to have a “mini holiday shoot special”, where I will do 20 minute photo sessions, with an 8X10, and a custom bow (she will make the bow), for $100, it is actually a really great deal. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Beauty Radiates From Within

Beauty Radiates From Within

This photo is from a shoot I did with Mara, she is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. I first met Mara a few months ago, through SOPHA, and, have become a huge fan, and, a friend. She is amazing to work with, she has such a great attitude, and, NEVER complains. She always knows what to do, how to pose, AND, she does her own hair and makeup! 🙂 I love her!

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

This is something else that my aunt has in her front yard, so many fun things to photograph!

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In My Aunt’s Garden

In My Aunt's Garden

My aunt has some pretty cool stuff to photograph in her front yard…this being one thing.

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Pretty in purple

Pretty in purple

I took this photo on Mother’s Day (I know, which was last month!!!), this is in my aunt’s yard.

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New Logo!!!

So, I went for four! 🙂

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Walking at Hampton

Walking at Hampton

My ex’s sister and I went to Hampton the other day, and, I took a few photos of her as well as the beach, in general. This is one of my favorite photos. My ex was in the Navy, and, though he and I are no longer together (well…maybe not for long…we’ll see), we are still very close. Our dads are best friends, our grandparents were friends…the friendships go back for more than 50 years, and, we aren’t about to let that go.

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